Steve Rotterdam

Founding Partner, Chief Executive

A graduate of Cornell University, Steve began his career with stints in magazine publishing and toy and game development, two fields for which his studies to be a veterinarian proved of no use whatsoever.

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Kris Longo

President, Geek Riot Media / Ad Sales & Business Development

A seasoned, versatile sales executive with over 15 years of experience in consumer marketing, Kris evolved ComicsUnited, the agency’s comic book advertising media network, into Geek Riot Media, the first specialized media representation and consultancy firm dedicated to delivering pop culture geek-centric digital, custom and event opportunities to brands nationwide.

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Chris Boak

Strategic Partner, Innovation

Helped get an elephant “unstuck” from the mud during a shoot in Thailand. Flew a UPS 757 flight simulator and stuck the landing (the 2nd time). Identifies new business opportunities for media and creative agencies. Regularly mistaken for David Gregory.

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Ivan Cohen

Senior Director, Editorial Projects

Ivan has worked in media ranging from mimeographed culture magazines to feature films, live-action and animated television series, live theatrical events, and digital-download “motion comics.”

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