Ivan Cohen

Senior Director, Editorial Projects

Ivan has worked in media ranging from mimeographed culture magazines to feature films, live-action and animated television series, live theatrical events, and digital-download “motion comics.”

The co-producer of SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS (2010) and a consultant on the 2013 PBS documentary SUPERHEROES: A NEVER-ENDING BATTLE, theatrical films he has worked on include RED (2010), THE LOSERS (2010) and THE DARK KNIGHT (2008). As a development executive, Ivan was instrumental in launching the “DC Universe” line of direct-to-video animated features as well as the animated series BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. He has also written comic books for DC, Marvel, IDW and Dark Horse Comics; edited books for DC Comics and Valiant Entertainment; and scripted episodes of the television series TEEN TITANS GO! and BEWARE THE BATMAN for Warner Bros. Animation. He has contributed to prose collections for Marvel Press and Disney Publishing/Lucasfilm and written articles about entertainment and pop culture for, among others, VULTURE, THRILLIST and PLAYBOY.COM.

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Ivan attended Stuyvesant High School and graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Communication Studies. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, real-estate broker Alison Rogers, and their son.