Concerned by the comic industry’s over-reliance on self-reflective assumptions and the lack of any genuine research into who these consumers are today and what they really think about things ranging from Superman’s red trunks to the high cost of 3D entertainment, Bonfire Agency established a proprietary pop consumer input panel.

Consisting of a rotating membership of more than 500 representative comic culture consumers of varying degrees of “fan-aticism,” our FanPan is a very opinionated and vocal community all too eager to share their likes, dislikes, perceptions and passions about anything and everything entertainment related. But they’ll also tell it to you straight regarding the foods they eat, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the teams they follow, the campaigns that resonate with them and the brands they admire.

For more information on how FanPan can help you build relevant bridges between your brand and an incredibly passionate, highly influential community of consumers, just drop us a line here.

To sign up as a panelist for the chance to win prizes and earn points towards comic-related rewards, click here to join now.

  • Pop Consumer Input Panel
  • 350 Representative “Fire-Starters” Recruited and Rotated in Every Six Months
  • Demographic Diversity
  • Incentivized Participation
  • Online Surveys, Focus Groups, Concept Testing, Moderated Communities